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Four-Wheel Alignment Service in Fort Worth

A four-wheel alignment is a regular part of automotive maintenance and ownership as you drive around Saginaw, Bedford, or Arlington your car's wheels can become misaligned and regular alignments reset your tires back to the desired specifications. This has several benefits in terms of your car's performance, efficacy, and safety.


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What Causes Wheels to Become Misaligned

As you drive several things can throw your wheels out of their proper place. These can include road hazards such as potholes, uneven roads, or roads where the pavement is damaged. Minor accidents such as hitting a pole or knocking against a curb can also cause your wheels to become misaligned. Sometimes it's not even a single event as the passage of time causes parts to break down or become loosened due to the prolonged vibration driving can cause.

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Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

The signs you may need a wheel alignment are not always visible by simply looking at the tires however, there are performance issues that can point to the need for a wheel alignment. These symptoms can include your car pulling to one side, the steering wheel not center properly, wandering when driving, and screeching sounds from your tires when turning. When your wheels are aligned properly the ride is smoother, less jittery, and the car is more responsive when turning which makes driving more enjoyable.

Why You Shouldn't Skip Regular Wheel Alignments

When your wheels are not aligned properly they don't respond as well or drive as safely as it should. When your wheels are out of alignment the tires wear down unevenly and this results in decreased grip when driving which can cause a loss of control in bad weather or common road hazards such as ice or water. Also, this uneven tread wear increases the chance of leaks or random blowouts when driving. There is also a financial aspect as your gas mileage is reduced and you have to replace tires more often due to uneven tread wear.

Four-Wheel Alignment at Hiley Acura

The wheel re-alignment process takes roughly an hour and should be done every two to three years baring an accident or tire replacement in which re-alignment should be performed earlier. When looking for a service center, Hiley Acura of Fort Worth, TX should be considered by local residents (and surrounding communities such as North Richland Hills) as their skilled technicians are focused on customer satisfaction and only use the best tires and repair methods. Contact them today to learn more about their services.

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