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Engine Air Filter in Fort Worth

Your Acura's engine air filter may look insignificant, but when it's clogged, it can cause major problems. Fortunately, Hiley Acura of Fort Worth can help you avoid air filter problems by checking and possibly replacing the part. Hiley Acura is conveniently located near North Richland Hills, Bedford, Saginaw, and Arlington, Texas areas so that you're never far from keeping your Acura in good shape. Here is more information about how the engine filter works, how it gets clogged, and the problems a clogged filter can do if you don't get it fixed promptly.


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Purpose of the Engine Air Filter

The purpose of your Acura's engine air filter is to direct a fresh airflow towards your intake manifold as well as keep unwanted debris from entering the engine. The end result is clean, fresh air entering the combustion chamber. The majority of car engine air filters have internal parts made of paper, but some filters are also available with oiled cotton gauze and foam materials to block and screen the debris. The entire filter is placed into a heavy-duty plastic housing.

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Reasons Why Engine Air Filters Clog

The main reason why engine air filters become dirty and clogged is that they're doing their job. Over time, this debris is captured as it tries to flow through the filter box. This debris can cause big problems if it was not filtered out. If the filter is not changed on a regular basis, then some of this debris could block the airflow and even make its way up to the engine.

Problems From Clogged Engine Air Filters

A clogged engine air filter could affect how your Acura's engine runs. Your engine's performance will worsen when the filter is clogged. Most of the symptoms are similar to an engine running rich such as poor acceleration, black smoke out the tailpipe, reduced horsepower, and strange sounds. Your check engine indicator light will also illuminate and this could cause your vehicle to fail emissions testing. If you let these problems continue too long, then you could end up with serious and permanent engine problems later.

Engine Air Filter Service at Hiley Acura

Hiley Acura of Fort Worth has highly trained technicians who can check and change your car's engine air filter. Our technicians are highly trained, ASE certified Acura experts and can work on both older as well as newer vehicles. In addition to our highly trained technicians, we also have all the right tools to address any problem or maintenance your car needs. If your vehicle needs additional service that takes more time, then feel free to take advantage of our courtesy shuttle or a free loaner car.

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