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A/C Recharge Service in Fort Worth

We operate a certified Acura service department at Hiley Acura in Fort Worth ready to provide all Acura car and SUV models with their next A/C recharge service. Maybe you flipped on the A/C and noticed that it's blowing out hot air, or maybe you want to ensure that your vehicle's A/C generates arctic winds when you need it most with an A/C performance check? Our factory-trained and certified technicians know the Acura air conditioning system and its maintenance requirements professionally. When you need a quality A/C recharge service by qualified Acura experts, we invite you to get your service with us at Hiley Acura in Fort Worth, TX.


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Air Conditioning System & Refrigerant Recharge 101

The lifeblood of the A/C system is the refrigerant used for cooling the air. If the A/C system springs a leak, it will allow vital refrigerants to escape. As refrigerant leaks, air cooling performance declines as your pleasant driving experience heats up. A/C recharge service is needed to inspect the system for leaks, repair components allowing leaks, and to ensure frigid air blows from the vents when you need it most.

Hiley Acura of Fort Worth, TX

Telltale Signs of Needing to Recharge the Refrigerant

Defective air conditioning performance is the telltale sign of low refrigerant and needing an A/C recharge. If you flip the A/C on and it blows out warm air, you'll need an inspection and most likely an A/C recharge service. Here are four telltale warning signs of low refrigerant:

  • Poor cooling
  • A/C warning lights
  • Visible refrigerant leaks
  • Rapid compressor clutch cycling

Schedule A/C Recharge Service

Service begins with the understanding that the vehicle is low on refrigerant and the air conditioning system is not functioning properly. A factory-trained & certified technician will inspect the full air conditioning system and measure how much refrigerant is in the system compared to factory charts. The system is pressurized as the new refrigerant is added to verify that it is leak-free. Service concludes when the refrigerant level is at factory specifications and an air temperature test confirms cold-air production at factory specification blowing out the vents. Schedule an appointment online or visit us today!

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