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Acura Model Reviews

If you are looking for a luxury line of vehicles near Dallas, Fort-Worth or Arlington that are known for performance, mechanics, and overall aesthetics, look no further than the Acura brand. Acura debuted in the United States and Canada in 1986. Thirty-one years later, Japan’s first luxury automotive brand continues to be a thriving success.

The Acura brand is distinctly known for its principles of reliability, aesthetics, and an overall stellar concept designs. Featuring sedans, crossovers, SUVs and coupes, Acura, as its success grows larger and competitors began to infiltrate the markets – branched out beyond its selection of luxury vehicles in order to ensure that all customers could find a satisfactory Acura vehicle. To assist you in your car research, here you will find a wide variety of Acura models and comparison reviews. From new and used cars, crossovers, to SUVs, use this resource to aid in your decision on which car is best for you.

Acura Aesthetics

What’s the first thing that everybody notices about a car? Easy answer: its looks. Entranced by either marvelous character lines or by shapes or by colors, our eyes naturally rest upon automotive magnificence with ease. With Acura, this is most true.

Modern Acura sedans are marred with intelligent, crucial character lines that define and offer angular contrast with the overall roundness of the exterior body of the Acura. The LED-daytime head and taillight design flares like wings against the low-riding body of the car, cutting into the A-line and forming a complex, authoritative silhouette. These compact cars are the definition of luminescence, radiating with a ghostly aura of power and mystique unavailable with any other style or brand of luxury motor vehicle.

Acura Technology

Many modern styles of the Acura line feature Sport Hybrid packages, Acura’s savvy automotive innovation that seamlessly combines hybrid technology with a stunning V6 engine package.

Along with a savvy Sport Hybrid package, Acura has included with its newest line of luxury cars distinct technologies and instrument panel displays that set Acura above the rest. This includes features like the Head-Up Display which projects a virtual, transparent image onto the windshield when the vehicle is on, allowing you to view information like control speedometer readings, navigation, power distributions, and warnings, all while keeping your eyes on the road. A GPS-linked Climate Control tri-zone system automatically allows drivers, passengers, and rear passengers individually adjust their own temperature and airflow settings. This feature relies on a solar sensor, which determines the Sun’s impact on interior temperatures, and a GPS receiver which will track the Sun’s relative position to the car.

Acura Safety

The engineers at Acura designed an aesthetic line of automobiles that are loaded not only with sporty performance features and luxury design, but an array of stellar safety features that you can check out at our Acura dealership for yourself. Featuring AcuraWatch in all RLX models, AcuraWatch is a step above the rest. Acura’s philosophy is simple enough: “provide safety for everyone”, and their attempts at doing so have thus far been more than successful. The AcuraWatch features the newest safety technologies and features, including Collision Mitigation Braking Systems, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist and Road Departure Mitigation Systems.


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